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Course on Biblical Pastoral Ministry
15 December 2017

Meeting the Son of God in Mark

Course on Biblical Pastoral Ministry

From September 18th to 30th 2017, an interdisciplinary course, organized in cooperation with the Pontifical Gregorian University, was taught at the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society in context of licentiate and doctoral programs. Students from Cameroon, Haiti and Bangladesh came to Luxemburg to participate in this Biblical Pastoral Ministry course called “Meeting the Son of God in Mark”.

During the morning classes, three texts (Mk 1:1-15 – Baptism of Jesus; Mk 9:2-10 – Transfiguration of Jesus; Mk 15:33-41 – Jesus on the cross) were examined in a threefold perspective. Prof. Georg Rubel, Ph.D. habil., leader of the course, was responsible for biblical theology, Prof. Daniel Laliberté, Ph.D., head of the Department “Religion, Communication, Education”, for practical theology and Prof. Jean Ehret, Ph.D., director of the LSRS, for dogmatics. Every day there was an interdisciplinary exchange and a lively discussion about biblical and pastoral questions.

In the afternoon, a diversified cultural and religious program was offered to the students. Visits to Luxembourg City, Echternach (St. Willibrord, scriptorium), Trier (cathedral, recent archaeological excavations, tomb of the Apostle St. Matthias), Clervaux (Benedictine abbey, exhibition “The Family of Man” by Edward Steichen) and Metz (cathedral) gave the students the opportunity to “meet the Son of God” in daily life.

After two weeks of hard work, the participants gave a strongly positive appreciation of this original course on Biblical Pastoral Ministry, considering it as valuable and fruitful for their pastoral activities.

Torun Bonowary, priest from the diocese of Mymensingh (Bangladesh):
“The course on Biblical Pastoral Ministry is very important in priestly life and ministry. Doing this course in Luxembourg, an European country, was very valuable to my life, as a priest. This course brought me first of all in Europe continent, so I will never forget that. Having this course, I got much inspiration to do my priestly ministry with more enthusiasm and dynamism.”

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